The Prequel To ‘Witcher: Blood Origin’ Is Announcing Their Casting For Their Lead

With major success coming from ‘The Witcher’, Netflix has decided to make a prequel happen! Netflix has announced that Laurence O’Fuarain will be playing the lead role in the prequel. The prequel series will be set about 1200 years prior to when the original was set. The prequel will tell the story of the creation and early versions of the Witcher. It will also show the steps that caused the momentous “conjunction of the spheres” which is when monsters, elves, and men all combined into one world.

O’Fuarain will be the lead in the prequel, playing the character of Fjall. Fjall grew up around a clan of warriors who dedicated their lives to protecting a King. Fjall once had someone close to him die in battle for him and has caused him to carry a scar within himself. His life journey to find redemption has him allying with unlikely characters, battling it out, and creating a destructive pathway of retaliation.

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