What Can’t And What Will The Unshakable Merrell Twins Do?

The identical Merrell Twins(Veronica and Vanessa), now 24, have seen steady growth over their Youtube careers, now with 6 million+ followers. With many stars eventually burning out, these sisters haven’t faded away and aren’t planning to anytime soon. Now well into their Youtube journey of fame, the sisters have created True Image Productions, a production company where they are pitching tv-series and movies to different studios and networks.

Most recently the sister filmed the third season of ‘Twin My Heart’ where they help fellow content creators find the one. The series gaining over 16 million views. Originally the Merrell family moved to LA to help the sisters break into tv roles. Both sisters enrolled in college and when from tv production and screenwriting but had to dropoff due to their success before graduating. Despite their Youtube fame, they haven’t let their tv dreams get overlooked, they have gotten multiple roles in shows like ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘Faking It’, ‘The Standoff’, and ‘Like a Boss’. Now they are looking ahead to possibly doing rom-coms. With all of these new projects on the horizon, it begs the question, what can’t these girls do? But don’t worry, the Merrell twins are committed to keeping their 8 year Youtube streak going Veronica saying, “We don’t see ourselves ever quitting YouTube,” and adding, “Someday we might be the Merrell Twin Moms!”

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