The Glass Shattering Series For The LGBTQ+ Community Is Ending With Season 3

‘Pose’ will air its season and series finale on FX in June. The series has the most ever transgender and LGBTQ+ recurring actors ever not to mention the diverse production team. ‘Pose’ was set in New York and focused around ball culture in the 80s. Its final season deals with everything from motherhood to the AIDS epidemic. It featured prominent LGBTQ+ figures and leaders like Billy Porter and Mj Rodriguez.

The show’s series writer, director, and executive producer, Janet Mock spoke about the show’s impact,  “My life has been forever changed because of ‘Pose,’ a drama series that centered around trans and queer people, people living with HIV/AIDS, and Black and Latinx people – without trepidation or apology,” she continued, “It’s left an indelible mark on our culture, modeling that a TV show can be successful and entertaining while also casting authentically, hiring LGBTQ talent in front of and behind the camera, and moving people living on the margins to centerstage. Though I am heartbroken to say goodbye to our beloved characters, I know the work my fellow writers and producers, our crew, and trailblazing cast did on ‘Pose’ will live forever as a glittering, heart-filled, bright beacon of love, acceptance, family and community. I am grateful to FX for being our home, 20th Television for the support, to Ryan Murphy for your bold vision, to our audience for your love and loyalty, and to the ballroom community for trusting us.”

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