J.J. Abrams And HBO Max Are Teaming Up For A New Series You Won’t Want To Miss

 J.J. Abrams’ new series is titled ‘Subject To Change’ has been picked up by HBO Max. The new series will follow a college student, desperate for money, who signs up for a clinical trial but doesn’t expect the mind-bending adventure it would take them on. Jenifer Yale will serve as the showrunner on the project. Abrahams said this about the series, “It’s been incredible fun weaving this rather insane yarn with Jenn, and I am grateful to her and everyone at HBO Max for the opportunity to bring this story to life”.

Yale also talks about her dream team partnership with Abrams and HBO Max saying, ‘“I have felt so privileged to work with J.J. and Bad Robot on expanding J.J.’s exhilarating story to create a twisty, thought-provoking thriller where almost anything is possible and yet everything is planned,” she said. Yale continued, “Now partnering with HBO Max to make it a reality is a dream.”

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