Dory and Drew’s Mystery Mixtape

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max

After a long and strenuous lifetime of not having HBO Max, I have finally acquired a whole new world of television during this pandemic. While browsing on this new platform, I came across a familiar title: Search Party. This isn’t the first time that this show has caught my eye, public figures such as JT Firstman and Olivia Wilde having recommended and enjoyed the show thoroughly as well, and rightfully so.

The first season begins with a simple trailblazing mystery in order to find Dory’s “friend”, Chantal. However, the looming question at hand seems to be less of, “Where is Chantal?”, but a close and almost contagious zoom-in on whether or not any of the characters present in the show really know who or where they are themselves. It’s a collective search party for internal identity.

It’s no surprise that audiences loved this exceptionally millennial show that encapsulates, not just older generations, but younger ones like mine as well. I swear there will be at least one character that feels close to home. Maybe even a little too close.

TV Wasteland has even done a TV Tracks article for season one’s soundtrack, but seeing as there is now four (soon to be five) seasons, it was only appropriate for this week’s column to consist of a playlist curated for our messy and sometimes aggravating couple, Dory and Drew, just in time for the passing of Valentine’s Day.

Some of these songs are ones that directly correlate to themes and plots within the show, others are tunes that I think Drew would love to sing on his ukulele, and a couple are recommendations for new songs that the two of them should purchase for their vinyl collection so they can dance together again.

Here is Dory and Drew’s Mystery Mixtape:

Psycho Killer (2005 Remaster)- Talking Heads

Talking Heads once said, “I can’t seem to face up to the facts”. Or maybe Dory said it, who knows?

My Funny Valentine (Remastered)- Frank Sinatra

We can all collectively agree that Drew definitely performed this for Dory on Valentine’s Day.

Break My Stride- Matthew Wilder

Dance parties in their flat.

Juliet- Cavetown

Validation is needed and it feels good sometimes.

Light Up- Harry Styles

“Do you know who you are?”

Friend- Gracie Abrams

Drew probably had the entire minor EP on blast all throughout season 3.

Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order

Very direct parallel to the first season of the show.

9 Crimes- Damien Rice

Another direct parallel to the first season.

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)- Backstreet Boys

This is another one that truly feels like a Dory and Drew dance and scream in the kitchen type of song.

I’m Gonna Find Another You- John Mayer

I think Drew sang this too often and accidentally spoke it into existence.

Vienna- Billy Joel

“Slow down you crazy child,” said Billy Joel, and I really wish Dory listened.

Anyone Else But You- The Moldy Peaches

This would be a good, sweet duet for the two of them.

Killer- Phoebe Bridgers

To end this playlist on a sad note, this Bridgers song is a perfect digest of the the show throughout its current four seasons and probably its fifth as well.

“Know that I’ve burned every playlist and given all my love”.

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