Chris Harrison Steps Aside from ‘The Bachelor’

Due to controversy regarding a contestant’s interview, the host and producer has decided to step aside for “a period of time.”

Last Tuesday, Harrison interviewed Rachel Kirkconnell, who posted an apology statement after the interview regarding an “Old-South” plantation-themed college party she attended in 2018, liking photos of the Confederate flag, and sharing QAnon conspiracies. Harrison did not condemn her behavior during the interview, instead commenting: “Well, Rachel, is it a good look in 2018, or is it not a good look in 2021? Because there’s a big difference… Where is this lens we’re holding up and was this lens available, and were we all looking through it in 2018?”

“This historic season of The Bachelor should not be marred or overshadowed by my mistakes or diminished by my actions,” Harrison announced on Instagram two days ago. “To that end, I have consulted with Warner Bros. and ABC and will be stepping aside for a period of time and will not join for the After the Final Rose special.”

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