Animal Planet And Discovery+ Still Set On Broadcasting The 2021 ‘Puppy Bowl’

Animal Planet and Discovery+ will still be airing the ‘Puppy Bowl’ the morning of the Super Bowl(Feb. 7th). This year Animal Planet and Discovery+ will be capitalizing off of the cutest combo around; puppies and football. The two streamers will have three separate specials happening on Feb. 7th including, ‘Puppy Bowl XVII’, ‘Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Games’, ‘Puppy Bowl XVII Presents: Best in Show’, and ‘Puppy Bowl XVII Presents: Puppy Bowl Nation’. That’s a lot of puppy action to keep track of so we’ll break it down for you:

  •  ‘Puppy Bowl XVII’ – Feb. 7th – 2pmET/11amPT – This is the main event, where Team Ruff and Team Fluff will battle it out for their 3hour event. The game will be hosted by none other than Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart. This will be streamed both by Discovery+ and Animal Planet.
  • ‘Puppy Bowl Presents: The Dog Games’ – Feb. 6th – This puppy special will air exclusively on Discovery+ starting on the 6th. This puppy competition is hosted by Kym Whitley and judged by Travis Brorsen and Crystal Powell. Four amateur dog trainers will show off the special bond they have with their dogs by competing in a series of obstacle courses and skills-based challenges.
  • ‘Puppy Bowl XVII Presents: Best in Show’ – Feb. 6th – Again, this is an exclusive special for Discovery+ and can be viewed starting anytime on the 6th. It will follow some of the favorite dogs who have played in the Puppy Bowl and see where they are now.
  • ‘Puppy Bowl XVII Presents: Puppy Bowl Nation’ – Feb. 6th – This special is similar to ‘Best in Show’ where they will continue to travel across the US to find more of the former Puppy Bowl players.

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