Sesame Workshop Bets on Power of Representation With New Rohingya Muppets

Sesame Workshop created the new characters to help children in Cox’s Bazar build early childhood skills.

Six-year-old Rohingya Muslim muppet twins Noor and Aziz will be featured speaking in Rohingya. Sesame Workshop’s president of social impact, Sherrie Westin, explained that Rohingya children have never seen themselves depicted in media. “For most, this will be the first time that they can truly identify with the characters they’re seeing in storybooks and on screen.” To pull this off, Sesame tested everything from the two protagonists’ haircuts to their slip-on sandals.

“Media content is more crucial than ever. The question is how to make it playful, culturally relevant, and add that component of designing stories where you don’t just see kids playing, but playing as they learn numbers, interact and problem solve,” Westin explained.

A link to a video of the Play to Learn program is included below.

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