Jim Carrey Is Stepping Down As Joe Biden On ‘SNL’

Jim Carrey announced Saturday that he will no longer portray now president-elect Joe Biden. Carrey appeared as Biden for a 6-week stint on ‘SNL’ but hasn’t appeared on the last two episodes. Carrey was joined by former cast member Maya Rudolph who played Kamala Harris, Heidi Gardner’s Dr. Jill Biden, and Alec Baldwin as Trump(Baldwin has portrayed Trump for the last 4 seasons on ‘SNL’).

Carrey took to Twitter on Saturday revealing the decision saying, “Though my term was only meant to be 6 weeks,I was thrilled to be elected as your SNL President…comedy’s highest call of duty.” Carrey continued by saying, “I would love to go forward knowing that Biden was the victor because I nailed that shit. But I am just one in a long line of proud, fighting SNL Bidens!” Biden has been played by a number of actors on the show. First ever portrayed in 1991 when he was a Senator by Kevin Nealon and most recently by Jason Sudeikis for a few years. Woody Harrelson and John Mulaney have also both had stints of playing Biden over his political career.

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