‘Late Night’ Hosted by Seth Meyers Has Added John Mulaney To Its Writing Staff

John Mulaney is teaming up with longtime friend and colleague, Seth Meyers, to work on Meyers’ show ‘Late Night’. The pair has previously worked on multiple shows together including, ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Documentary Now!’. The executive producer of the show, Mike Shoemaker announced the news and said this about the addition of Mulaney, “John Mulaney likes to work so this week he officially joined Late Night with  Seth Meyers as a staff writer,” said Shoemaker. He also went on to say, “I hope he stays for 100 years but I will settle for ‘as long as John wants.’”

This news comes just after John Mulaney hosted SNL for his fourth time. ‘Late Night’ isn’t the only thing Mulaney has been working on. He also has a deal with Comedy Central to produce 2 more specials of Mulaney’s ‘Sack Lunch Bunch’. The ‘Sack Lunch Bunch’ is a hybrid of comedy and musical. The first iteration of the special was nominated for 2 Emmys.

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