The Lincoln Project Makes Anti-Trump Ads With Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford

Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford join forces to create anti-Trump ads with the Lincoln Project. The Lincoln Project is a Republican group, but is anti-Trump. The two episodes are focused on hot topics currently, like Dr. Fauci and absentee voting. Harrison Ford narrated the episode titled ‘Fauci’. In the video the narration starts with, “He has served the American people tirelessly, honorably and selflessly from Reagan to Bush to Clinton to Bush to Obama, and now, to Trump,” said by Ford. It then goes on to when President Trump was at a rally where he said, “Don’t tell anybody, but let me wait until a little bit after the election.”

In the second video titled ‘Absentee’ Hamill narrates. In the video Hamill says, “Tyranny didn’t end with the American Revolution. Not for everyone. Not by a longshot. Nearly a hundred years of elected leadership failed to right that wrong, and America went to war with ourselves to fix it. Never before has the truth been so clear: elections have consequences.” You can watch ‘Fauci’ here and ‘Absentee’ here.

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