Hulu Has Made The Decision To Cancel ‘Castle Rock’ After Two Seasons

‘Castle Rock’ on Hulu is being cancelled following the show’s second season. The second season ended in October 2019, therefore the news of the show’s cancellation comes more than a year after that second season premiered. The show had well-known executive producers such as JJ Abrams, Liz Glotzer, Ben Stephenson, Mark Lafferty, and Stephen King.

The show was based on notable Stephen King novels, set in a fictional town in Maine. The show is mostly focusing on King’s novels, ‘Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Misery’. While this project based on King novels is being cancelled, King still has many new projects in the works. New series such as ‘Overlook’ and ‘Mr. Mercedes’ are both in the works and based off of ‘The Shining’ and Bill Hodge’s series.

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