“Grand Army”- The Soundtrack

When I first saw the promo for Grand Army, I had not been more ecstatic to watch a show than this one in a long time. There is so much representation and so many important voices being used for necessary messages throughout, leaving you grasping for more after every episode. Every single person in this show is dealing with something painful and different in their own lives, and they portray so many real life experiences that students in our generation and age genuinely go through on a day to day basis. It’s powerful, emotional, and absolutely exquisite, all wrapped in the never sleeping city of New York.

The show contains so much variety in every aspect, and that includes the soundtrack. A lot of the songs are pieces by artists that many of us know and love, whether that be Phoebe Bridgers, Remi Wolf, or Kasey Musgraves, but it doesn’t end there. Featuring songs by The Chordettes, The Ronettes, and George Michael, the show knows how to bring their viewers back to the classics.

Here are my top picks from season one of Grand Army:

Come on Doom, Let’s Party- Emily Wells

Joey and Tim have a real “coming of age” moment at the end of episode one, holding onto the outside of a moving train, screaming out their frustrations into the tunnel.

Sugar Honey Iced Tea- Princess Nokia

Joey posts a photo on Instagram hosting a “no bra day” at Grand Army in order to protest against a sexist comment made towards her body the day before.

High Horse- Kasey Musgraves

This Musgraves favorite plays in the background of our first scene between Joey and her mom.

Lollipop- The Chordettes

Dom and her sister get ready for school, packing a couple lollipops to take with her.

Photo ID- Remi Wolf

Leila watches others around her on the subway as she rides to school.

Runaround Sue- Dion

Feeling bold, Leila meets up with George during school hours to try and impress him.

Be My Baby- The Ronettes

Joey watches a movie and spends some time with her sisters.

Asido- Purity Ring

Joey goes on a run to clear her mind after a traumatizing experience with George and Luke.

Heaven Scent- Soulwax, Chloe Sevigny

Dominque has clients who convince her to take initiative and reach out about an internship.

Walking on Sunshine- Katrina and the Waves

Happy Halloween! Grand Army is celebrating too and it’s Joey’s first day back.


Leila and Omar hook up after a school play is cancelled.

Under the Table- Fiona Apple

After an intervention with Joey, Tim, Anna, Luke, and George doesn’t go down the way it should’ve Joey runs into Dom, and they simply sit in each others presence.

Garden Song- Phoebe Bridgers

Joey takes back dance for herself. I cried.

Freedom! ’90- George Michael

All the feels. It’s all beautiful and so powerful. I cried again.

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