“Emily in Paris”- Soundtrack

France, Fashion, and Lily Collins are all in one tv show, and once I started it I couldn’t stop watching. Collins plays Emily Cooper as she moves from the city of Chicago to Paris, France in order to provide an American perspective at Savior, a French marketing firm. Filled with lust, clichés, and love triangles, this show is definitely a perfect and simple watch to indulge yourself in while learning a couple French songs.

There is something so captivating about the French and their culture, so I was incredibly excited to take a look into the music used with this new Netflix comedy drama. The language is so eloquent and it gets even better when it’s used in songs, adding so much to the lavish atmosphere of this show in its entirety. With an amazing mix of French classics and a lot of new indie hits, this soundtrack keeps you on your toes while taking a walk through Emily’s new life in Paris.

Ces soir- Kumisolo

Emily arrives in Paris, France for the first time after transferring from her marketing firm in Chicago.

Lunatique- Stereo Total

New city, new home, new French marketing firm who definitely thinks you are a lunatique!

Christine- Juniore

After Luc and Emily talk about why she may not feel so welcome at Savior, she realizes that she might really be lonely in Paris

La paix- Barbagallo

Let’s just say, trying to charge your adult toys in your antique French apartment is not a good idea.

Dream- Husbands

Emily goes to the market and a bakery, continuously capturing every moment she can to add her Instagram and build her following.

Magnifique- Juniore

Take a couple notes out of Emily’s book and go on a run to this song!

Vers les tombes- Chevalrex

This gorgeous song is playing on the stereo at her neighbor Gabriel’s restaurant when Emily needs a drink.

Love in Suburbia- Danny Connors

Camille finds Emily struggling to negotiate at a flower shop with her broken French and helps out.

Cyclop- Exsonvaldes

A photo with the roses and an accidental kiss from Camille.

L’Amour- Selectracks

Mindy gives Emily a pep talk as they arrive at the art gallery to try and meet a new client.

Le Temps Est Bon- Isabelle Pierre

Gabriel has a girlfriend?

Ces bottes sont faites pour marcher- Muguette

Camille and Gabriel run into Emily outside her apartment and convince her to join in on their date night which is totally not awkward at all.

La Vie en Rose- Édith Piaf

A beautiful French classic for a beautiful Mindy who breaks out of her shell a little bit when she sings at a local park.

Le zou- Hyperclean

Comparing this trip to Camille’s family with a zoo might be an understatement.

Mes Amis- Selectracks

Matthew takes Emily on a boat ride on the Seine for a date.

Burst Into Flames- Cavale

Emily kisses Gabriel goodbye after spending the night together.

De Profundis (Ni fleurs, ni couronnes)- Delphine Volange

After making peace with the fact that Gabriel would be leaving to Normandy, she takes a walk around Paris alone.

Non, je ne regrette rien- Édith Piaf

This dramatic classic plays as Emily realizes that Antione will be backing Gabriel to buy the restaurant, making thing much messier for Camille and Emily in the next season.

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