Sentinel Awards Set to be Hosted by Rainn Wilson and Parisa Fitz-Henley

Rainn Wilson and Parisa Fitz-Henley are hosting the 20th annual Sentinel Awards to honor impactful TV. The awards will be on October 20th at 6pm PST. The awards shine light on entertainment that tackles mental health, sexual assault, and racism. Fitz-Henley had this to say about the awards, “I’ve always been moved by television’s power — when at its best — to change hearts, minds and lives. I’m delighted to join my friend and co-host, Rainn, in honoring the best of best shows and writers with these important awards.”

The show will be honoring 13 television shows including:

  • ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – “Papa Don’t Preach” – Subject: abortion
  • CBS’s ‘Mom’ – “Higgledy-Piggledy and a Cat Show” – Subject: Addiction/Recovery
  • NBC’s ‘This Is Us’ – Multi-episode – Subject: Aging
  • ABC’s ‘For Life’ – Pilot episode – Subject: Criminal Justice
  • NBC’s ‘New Amsterdam’ – “Righteous Right Hand” – Subject: Culture of Health
  • Freeform’s ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Okay’ – “Discord Cockroaches’ – Subject: Disability
  • FX’s ‘Pose’ – “In My Heels’ – Subject: HIV/AIDS
  • Netflix’s ‘Orange Is the New Black’ – “God Bless America” – Subject: Immigration
  • CBS’s ‘All Rise’ – “What the Constitution Greens to Me” – Subject: Maternal Health
  • Hulu’s ‘Normal People’ – Episode 10 – Subject: Mental Health
  • CBS’s ‘Madam Secretary’ – “Killer Robots” – Subject: National Security
  • CBS All Access’s ‘The Good Fight’ – “The Gang Gets a Call from HR” – Subject: Racism
  • HBO’s ‘I May Destroy You’ – “Someone is Lying/… It Just Came Up” – Subject: Sexual Assault

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