‘Veep’ Cast Reunites to Raise Money for Wisconsin Democratic Party

Julia Louis-Dreyfus announced the ‘Veep’ reunion yesterday on Twitter. Here’s what she said about the purpose of the reunion, “All roads to the White House go through the great state of Wisconsin. Trump can’t win re-election if he doesn’t win Wisconsin” and “So, the democratic party of Wisconsin has built an unprecedented voter mobilization operation, and they need resources in these final days to deliver Wisconsin to vice president Joe Biden and Senator Harris.”

The virtual reunion will take place on October 4th at 6pm CST. Spectators can donate any amount of money to the democratic party website to join the event. This ‘Veep’ reunion comes after a similar event in September, where the cast of ‘The Princess Bride’ did a virtual table read, raising $4 million for the party.  Louis-Dreyfus ended by saying “The future of democracy is on the line, people,” and “Come and join us and be part of winning Wisconsin, taking down Trump and electing Joe Biden.”

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