How COVID is Affecting the 72nd Emmy Pre-Show Festivities

While we won’t be getting the iconic Emmy red carpet we are used to, E! is committed to get as close to it as possible. The executive producer of the E! Countdown show Evan Prager said this, “They’re still the same shows that people are accustomed to seeing, but rather than being on somebody else’s set, which is usually what we do when we walk onto a red carpet or something like the Emmys, we built our own”. 

 General manager of E! Jen Neal said this about how celebrity interviews were going to work, “We will be talking to a lot of stars and actors and celebrities at home, and bringing our audiences those conversations like we always have. We have a big slate of people we are talking to that want to celebrate one of the biggest nights in television, while also using our carpet and our hosts as the microphone to amplify the things that are important to them today [like] COVID-19, the election, Black Lives Matter and the projects they’ve worked on.” To watch some pre-show and post-show festivities head to ET.

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