How ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is Filming Amid the Pandemic

Despite pandemic concerns, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is committed to producing a show in the safest way possible. To start off, there will be no live audience at the shows. The judges’ table has been modified so judges are eight feet apart. Contestants and the professional dancers are going to be tested five times a week. Despite all the changes new judge, Derek Hough, said, “But for the people at home, you’re not going to feel the difference.

On top of COVID protocols, ‘Dancing With the Stars’ is welcoming in a new host. Tom Bergeron is being replaced this season by Tyra Banks. Banks said that “I have to show that I can be trusted — that I’m going to entertain them, that I feel them, that I see them. That I respect what this show is, but it’s time for them to come on this ride, so we can all take it up a notch. So that’s the work that I have to do. And I’m up for the challenge”.

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