Netflix’s Adaption Of The Comic Book ‘Sandman’ Will Be Set In Present Time

Netflix turning the classic comic book ‘Sandman’ into an animation film, originally set for 1916-1988 but now expanding to 1916-modern day. The author of the comic book, Neil Gaiman admitting that while COVID has halted a lot, it has given him more time to perfect the script.

As the team working on the project starts to get back to work Gaiman is receiving, “emails with production design with places that I’d only ever seen in comics before, now being rendered in 3D”. The change of expanding the time period brings up questions for Gaiman like, “how does that change the story? What does that give us? What does that make us have to look at that we wouldn’t have to look at if we were setting it as a period piece?” For Gaiman, the quarantine has provided him with more creative freedom with the show and “is very liberating”.

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