Samuel L. Jackson’s Docuseries ‘Enslaved’ to Premiere on the BBC

The docuseries ‘Enslaved: The Lost History of the Translatlantic Slave Trade’ focuses on the centuries of African enslavement and human trafficking to North and South America. They are telling the story by intertwining storylines and ocean mapping technology to find buried ships. Samuel L. Jackson along with Afua Hirsch and Simcha Jacobovici travel to historically significant areas in Africa, Europe, and the Americas in search of ships and answers about what happened to thousands of Africans. 

The four-part docuseries will be premiering on the BBC Two channel before making it’s way to the US on Epix. Jamie Lynn, the executive VP, saying “With Black History Month just weeks away, it’s a real privilege to be able to announce such a pertinent partnership with the BBC”. The production company, Fremantle, will disburse the series internationally.

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