“Get Even” is a Thrilling British Murder Mystery

cover art by @llynn.art on Instagram

“We don’t get mad; we get even” is one of the iconic phrases in this teen thriller. The new Netflix original based on the book Get Even by Gretchen McNeil follows a group of girls from different social groups under the pseudonym DGM as they expose the wrongdoings of several peers and staff at the elite British private school Bannerman. However, when one of their exposés goes wrong and DGM is framed for a student’s murder, the group has to work to clear their name.

If I could use as many show references as possible to describe “Get Even”, I’d say it has the eerie writing of “13 Reasons Why”, color grading of the “To All The Boys” cinematic universe, and mystery of “Pretty Little Liars” (except we already know who ‘A’ is). The blend of a teen murder with a digital twist is admirable and fun.

The show focuses on four girls that make up DGM: Kitty, an all around star student and athlete, Margot, the shy but smart hacker of the group, Bree, the edgy “I’m to cool for this” loner, and Olivia, a popular Gigi Hadid lookalike. Four girls from seemingly opposite social groups of the school come together under one name to expose the toxic culture of their British private high school known as Bannerman. While they are all so different, that’s what makes this show different from your average Netflix drama. There’s something relatable that the viewers can connect to in one or more of the characters- they’re multidimensional badasses that all girls can look up to.

As for the plot, it folds out like any other Netflix drama- quite the slow burn and everything folds out at the very end. As much as I love to see character development and strolling down the characters’ respective subplots, sometimes it can get distracting from the main plot. You have to separate what’s necessary and what really isn’t while watching. If you’re looking for an exciting “whodunit”, “Get Even” night not be the show for you. While this is a teen thriller, the ‘teen’ aspect is more emphasized than the ‘thriller’.

Overall, “Get Even” is definitely the show for those who like a slow burn, strong female leads, and mystery. Watch all 10 episodes now on Netflix!

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