“Never Have I Ever” – Soundtrack

For whatever reason, Never Have I Ever fell off my radar around the time it first came out. When it was announced that it was being renewed for a second season, I had to see what all the hype was about.

In all honesty, I wasn’t all that captivated by the first few episodes. I knew I loved seeing girls my age front and center on the screen, exploring their sexuality, figuring out who they are, and experiencing all the awkwardness of high school that so many teen television shows leave out. I knew I loved that their friendship is portrayed as loving, and fiercely supportive in spite of their fall outs and imperfections. But, Never Have I Ever does fall victim to some cheesy moments of cliche writing that I couldn’t get over.

By the end of the season though, a deep connection to the show had completely snuck up on me. I was able to appreciate the innocence it maintained while still staying relatable to the average high schooler because the characters had grown on me so much. The shy, queer romance and coming-out scenes were a pleasant surprise, as were the healthy depiction of therapy and complicated subjects like familial conflicts and grief. Never Have I Ever is sweet, poignant, enormously witty, and has plenty of heart to go around; I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds in season two.

“Dancing On My Own” – Robyn

We are first introduced to Devi’s crush on Paxton, Sherman Oaks High School’s resident cool guy on the water polo team.  

“So Strange” – Superhumanoids

Devi and Ben walk in on Eleanor and her secret boyfriend while serving time in detention.

“Composure” – Argonaut & Wasp

Devi approaches Paxton after his practice to offer him a proposition. 

“Playing Games” – Anna of the North

After her therapist recommends she starts keeping a grief journal, Devi reluctantly makes her first entry.

“I Sink I Sink” – Living Hour

Devi’s mom has a flashback to a time her and her late husband took a trip to the beach.

“(Downtown) Dancing” – YACHT

Devi freshens up before what she thinks will be a hookup with paxton

“All Yours” – Widowspeak

After a second failed attempt at getting with Paxton, Devi goes home lonely and confused.

“Peaches” – Milk & Bone

Paxton shows up announced to Devi’s house to apologize about snapping at her in defense of his sister.

“Moon Like Sour Candy” – The Ophelias

Devi lashes out at her friends after Paxton finds out about the rumor Devi accidentally started about their relationship.

“Armed and Dangerous” – Chaos Chaos

Paxton tells Devi he has an emergency, so she ditches plans with Eleanor and Fabiola to head to his house.

“Get Loud” – Tia P., Redwood

Devi catches Kamala with her secret boyfriend and blackmails her into taking her to Ben’s party.  

“Fire for You” – Cannons

After an argument, an attempted kiss, and an accidental dip in the pool, Paxton takes Devi home from the party.

“Beautiful Day” – U2

Devi and her family scatter her dad’s ashes in Malibu.

“Boy Like You” – Kids At Midnight

On a whim, Devi kisses Ben. As the camera zooms out, we see that Devi’s missing a phone call from Paxton.

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