As network TV finishes up their final shows, all eyes have turned to the streaming services. Disney+ is premiering a few new series (and a new project about the Muppets), while HBO returns cult favorite ‘Room 104’ and some new series. NBC is also launching their new service Peacock, with seven new original projects and another TV movie reuniting the cast of ‘Psych’.

July 1

Unsolved Mysteries, Netflix

July 2

Warrior Nun, Netflix

July 3

The Babysitters Club, Netflix

Hanna (Season 2), Amazon Prime

July 5

Outcry (Showtime)

July 7

What Would You Do? (Season 16), ABC

July 8

Stateless, Netflix

Tough as Nails, CBS

July 9

Close Enough, HBO Max

Expecting Amy, HBO Max (Comedy Special)

The Protector (Season 4), Netflix

Cake (Season 3), FXX

July 10

Down to Earth with Zac Efron, Netflix

Little Voice, Apple TV+

Greatness Code, Apple TV+

July 12

P-Valley, Starz

July 15

United We Fall, ABC

Launch of NBC’s Streaming Service Peacock, including:

Brave New World


The Capture

In Depp with Ryan Lochte

Dreamwork’s Where’s Waldo

Dreamwork’s Cleopatra in Space

Curious George

Psych 2: Lassie Come Home (TV Movie)

July 16

The House of Ho, HBO Max

The 30 Rock Upfront Special, NBC

Killer Camp, CW

July 17

Absentia (Season 3), Amazon Prime

Cursed, Netflix

Into the Dark: The Current Occupant, Hulu

July 19

The Alienist: Angel of Darkness (Season 2), TNT

July 21

How to Sell Drugs Online (Season 2), Netflix

July 23

Tig N’ Seek, HBO Max

July 24

Room 104 (Season 4), HBO

Rogue Trip, Disney+

July 26

Wynonna Earp (Season 4), Syfy

July 28


July 30

In My Skin, Hulu

The Dog House, HBO Max

Frayed, HBO Max

July 31

Muppets Now, Disney+

The Umbrella Academy (Season 2), Netflix

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