Kerry Washington to Host ‘American Son’ Twitter and Instagram Events

Amid the “resurgence” of her Netflix film, the actress will be joining African American Policy Forum founder Kimberlé Crenshaw to discuss the film and how to support AAPF and Say Her Name.

The 2019 film, based on the Broadway play, focuses on a black mother and white father as they attempt to search for their missing young adult son. The Twitter event will be taking place on June 12th, and will be followed by an Instagram live conversation.

“It’s every parent’s worst nightmare of wondering where your teenage kid is with the added layer, the added complexity, that so many of us are understanding now of being a black parent and knowing that your kid isn’t just up against knucklehead adolescent behavior, but up against systems of, you know, racist institutions that put your kid’s life at risk,” Washington explained. “The film is really so close to my heart. Because there’s been a huge resurgence of people watching it and saying, ‘Oh, now I get it’ or ‘I have so many more questions,’ we’re going to do a live tweet.”

You can watch Washington’s announcement about the events on Jimmy Kimmel Live at this link:

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