“Killing Eve” – Soundtrack

What I originally intended to be a low-stakes, casual viewing of a TV show I’d only recently heard good things about quickly turned into a non-stop binge of both seasons in approximately three days. I was completely won over by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer after the first episode alone; their chemistry as actresses and on-screen love/hate interests plus the nuances and dimension they bring to their characters makes for a wild ride that’s impossible to look away from. The show keeps its viewers on their toes with unpredictable plot twists and turns, but never goes overboard to the point of absurdity. For me, “Killing Eve” was, in every way, an unexpected triumph.

You may notice this playlist is shorter than previous ones have been, and there’s a reason. One of the brilliant facets of this show is how distinct the soundtrack is. The choice of recycling songs by the same handful of artists throughout every episode of every season was such a deliberate one. It doesn’t overwhelm the audience with an overload of sound to keep track of, and none of them are too familiar so it never feels distracting. It is unmistakably “Killing Eve”-ish every time.

Roller Girl – Anna Karina

We’re introduced to Villanelle in her apartment after a small, endearingly teasing encounter with the neighbor.  

This Is the Time – Unloved

We witness Villanelle confronting another man she’s been assigned to kill, but this time through the point of view of a civilian on a bus.

K. – Cigarettes After Sex

After this particular kill, Villanelle slumps down in an office chair looking pitifully at the man’s body. She looks strangely bored after such a gruesome murder.

Contact – Brigitte Bardot

Villanelle comes home from Sebastian’s apartment and gets ready for her day as Eve, Bill, and Elena assemble on their first day as a team.

Bill – Unloved

Villanelle, knowing he’s following her, leads Bill to a crowded club where he suddenly realizes he’s exactly where she wants him. She chases after him and stabs him mercilessly on the dance floor while Eve watches from a distance.

Cry Baby Cry – Unloved

After a close call with Frank, Eve gets out of the car to see Villanelle face to face. This scene was a personal favorite of mine; the way it’s shot almost feels like a traditional western stand-off.

No Friend of Mine – Unloved

Eve waits at a bus stop, alone with her thoughts.

Where Evil Grows – The Poppy Family

We see the criminal nicknamed “The Ghost”, taking out her next victim dressed as a custodian. Her face is still unrevealed.

A Windmill in Old Amsterdam – Ronnie Hilton

Arguably the strangest and most bizarre killing scene throughout seasons 1 and 2. You have to see it to believe it.

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Unloved

Villanelle opens a mysterious package addressed to her. 

Modern Kosmology – Jane Weaver

Villanelle eats lunch with Aaron Peel, who then promptly asks her to accompany him to Rome.

Vai Tu Se Libero – Dalida

Niko wakes up with a black eye and sees that Gemma is dead after Villanelle pays them a visit.

Her – Unloved

Eve frantically writes out a call for an ambulance for Hugo while trying to stay under wraps as the fake hotel concierge.  

Title design courtesy of Canva

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