With less than 10 minute episodes, the newest mobile streaming platform, Quibi, is sure to have audiences who are always on the go entertained beginning April 6. Having made the app with keeping people’s desire to always “see something great” in a short amount of time in mind, creator Jeffrey Katzenberg is bound to change the way we view TV.

Quibi will launch on April 6 with three types of content: movies in chapters, unscripted series and documentaries, and daily essentials — otherwise known as news programmings.

Here’s a list of episodes you should watch once Quibi launches:

‘Most Dangerous Game’ — ‘The Hunger Games’ star, Liam Hemsworth’ stars as a man with a terminal illness who embarks on a dangerous adventure in order to find a way to care for his pregnant wife.

‘When The Streetlights Go On’ — Initially a pilot for competitor Hulu, this show is about a neighborhood trying to revert back to normal after a girl gets killed, prompting a murder investigation.

‘Survive’ — Starring ‘Game of Thrones’ actress, Sophie Turner, ‘Survive’ is about two people after a plane crash attempting to work together whilst trapped on a mountain.

‘Chrissy’s Court’ — In a chaotic ‘Judge Judy’-like show, Chrissy Teigan takes on actual small claims cases.

‘Punk’d’ — Chance the Rapper hosts a reimagined show of the original series.

‘Skrrt With Offset’ — Migos member Offset takes a turn from rapping to discuss other celebrities’ cars.

‘Last Night’s Late Night’ — EW recaps the best monologues, interviews, and sketches from late-night shows in this commentary series.

‘Fresh Daily’ — To get the reasoning behind ratings for films, Rotten Tomatoes will host daily conversations surrounding news in TV and film.

Trailers by Fandango – Fandango will be streaming the latest movie and TV trailers.

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