Steve Carell found fame in his role as Dunder Mifflin Paper Company’s boss, Michael Scott, in hit NBC show, ‘The Office’, but soon found disappointment when he had to leave shortly thereafter his seventh season. In Andy Greene’s book, ‘The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom’, the show’s hairstylist Kim Ferry claimed that “he didn’t want to leave the show.”

After the Oscar nominee told his manager that he was planning to sign on with the network for two more years, NBC let the deadline for a contract offer pass. Carell was initially planning to do another season for the series. 

Although there was no true given reason as to why they let him down, Greene suggests that there was no one in NBC to support Carell’s contract. It is assumed that the chairman of the network, Bob Greenblatt, did not want to raise the main actor’s salary due to his dislike of ‘The Office’.

Allison Jones, casting director for the show, recalls that it was “just asinine” as to how NBC refused to make a deal with Carell after seven seasons of working with him.

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