The Emmy award-winning series ’Killing Eve’ initially had plans to air on AMC and BBC America on April 26th, but is now premiering on April 12th to fill in the TV spot for ‘Walking Dead’. This decision comes after the crew for ‘Walking Dead’ was unable to finish the rest of its post-production due to COVID-19.

When production for ‘Walking Dead’ is able to resume, the latter episodes of the series’s current season will premiere later on in the year. The same goes for its spinoff series, ‘The Walking Dead: The World Beyond’.

Season three for ‘Killing Eve’ will feature Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer reprising their roles as Eve and Villanelle, respectively. It has plans to focus on the two characters running into each other’s paths once again after faulty mistakes from the previous season.

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory tract infection that has recently been confirmed as a global pandemic. Although there are yet to be treatments that can treat the virus, please check with your local hospital if you are experiencing any symptoms and follow through with the instructions given to you. Even then, please stay home to keep your immunocompromised and elderly ones safe and healthy.

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