To lower the bandwidth utilization in Europe due to stay-at-home orders within the continent because of COVID-19, Disney will plan to launch its streaming service later than anticipated. As of lately, the networks have been heavily used, causing streaming to be slow and uneasy for its consumers.

Disney was initially supposed to launch Disney+ on March 24th. However, because they will now launch it two weeks later, there will be a reduction of bitrate as well as bandwidth utilization dropping by possibly 25%.

France, in particular, will launch the streaming service on April 7th instead of the 24th after requests from its government.

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory tract infection that has recently been confirmed as a global pandemic. Although there are yet to be treatments that can treat the virus, please check with your local hospital if you are experiencing any symptoms and follow through with the instructions given to you. Even then, please stay home to keep your immunocompromised and elderly ones safe and healthy.

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