In wake of the newest pandemic, COVID-19, the TV industry has found itself taking precaution with its events and productions. The effects of the coronavirus has been causing crashes in global financial markets, thus furthermore putting a hold on entertainment productions and events tied to the industry,

At the latest, the Canadian Academy of Cinema and Television has announced plans to cancel The Canadian Screen Awards and activities, in which was supposed to initially occur on Sunday, March 29th. The event was canceled shortly after acknowledging that there may be a potential risk of spread to the attendees.

The Juno Awards, SXSW, MIPTV, the Disney+ London launch event, and Hong Kong’s Filmart content market are also events that have been canceled until further notice.

In terms of productions being held off, plentiful of entertainment work in the United States and Canada has been shut down. NBCUniversal has closed off and wrapped schedules on 35 shows, whereas CBS is taking on a similar strategy. As compliance with several regional governments, Netflix has put all of its productions on hiatus for two weeks. Apple TV and the Warner Bros. Television Group are taking the same precautions as all studios mentioned prior.

Favorably reviewed series such as ‘Euphoria’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Fear the Walking Dead’, and ‘Righteous Gemstones’ are amongst the list of shows to have stopped production in the meanwhile.

COVID-19 is a contagious respiratory tract infection that has recently been confirmed as a global pandemic. Although there are yet to be treatments that can treat the virus, please check with your local hospital if you are experiencing any symptoms and follow through with the instructions given to you.

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