McConaughey and Pizzolatto Reunited in New FX Drama for the First Time Since ‘True Detective’

Writer and producer Nick Pizzolatto and Emmy-nominated actor Matthew McConaughey will be working together on the latest FX Productions TV series, ‘Redeemer’.

Although Pizzolatto and McConaughey have not worked together since the popular crime show ‘True Detective’, FX Entertainment producer Eric Schrier is “thrilled” that the duo is reunited and is confident that they are going to bring force and emotion to ‘Redeemer.’ ‘Redeemer’ stars McConaughey, is written by Pizzolatto, and will be executive produced by the old ‘True Detective’ duo.

Meanwhile, even though Pizzolatto has officially moved his deal from HBO to FX Productions and Fox 21, fans of ‘True Detective’ don’t have to lose hope on a possible fourth season. Although Pizzolatto will now be focusing on FX and his work on ‘Redeemer’, there has been speculation that HBO may, at some point, renew the program for another season.

‘Redeemer’ is currently in preproduction and FX has not yet announced a release date.

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